Will Rossiter is a 26 year old who spends far too much of his time on the computer, building and designing web and mobile websites, games and applications.

After building and launching his first web startup in 2004 at the tender old age of 14, he's gone on to work with several local and international companies in a variety of web design and software development roles.

In those roles he's gone on to build and deploy innovative solutions in use today by millions of people worldwide including workflow tools, GUI based editor tools, mobile websites, open source themes and training software.

When Will isn't hacking away at a keyboard, you'll find him travelling around the world, chasing around after a ball, umpiring junior sports or checking out the local music scene. Over summer he'll be camping or defending his fishing title [1].

[1] Waitarere Beach Easter Fishing Tournament, Heaviest Other Scale Fish.


Will graduated Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (COMP) in 2011 after achieving NCEA level 3 in 2007.

Over the duration of his Bachelor of Science degree he studied a range of papers from each of the mathematic, statistic, computer science and information system disciplines with a strong focus towards designing and building software applications. As was as the compulsory papers, several research based topics allowed him to dive into topics such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and 3D gaming.

On top of his degree, he has several other academic positions including picking up a scholarship to research applications of geospatial data and tutoring Computer Science papers.

Some of his course work grades are marked below.


Will is an experienced software developer with specialty in building websites, mobile applications and interactive displays.

Under the all encompassing umbrella of a web developer he's held roles at companies involving most disciplines from branding and interaction design through to server side development, database programming and server administration.


DNA Design (2012-)

Senior Developer at DNA Design in Wellington. Work includes a wide range from front end interaction development, backend programming and infrastructure support.

Victoria University

Victoria University (2011)

Research assistant to Dr Hui Ma researching the real time processing and application of geospatial data between heterogeneous and distributed data sources.


SilverStripe (2007 - 2011)

Daily tasks involved liaising with clients and building both backend (PHP) and front end (Javascript) solutions for SilverStripe's corporate clients and internal projects.

Key part of the team for fulfilling support requests because of his all round skills and quick problem solving ability.

Still involved with the open source project as a core developer helping moderate, review and maintain the growing the international community base.


Fullscreen Interactive

Director of web and mobile consultancy. Fullscreen Interactive leads prototyping, design and development for several early stage startups including JustSold, Radarr and Whippett.

Provide advice and training for other web developers on everything from performance and scalability questions to code reviews.


Escape Media (2006 - 2007)

HTML & CSS development of templates and implementation of wireframes into semantic HTML and Wordpress themes.

A selection of the most commonly used tools and languages used in previous roles

  • HTML / CSS (Advanced)
  • PHP (Advanced)
  • Javascript (Intermediate)
  • Version Control [svn, git] (Intermediate)
  • Python (Intermediate)
  • ActionScript (Intermediate)
  • Ruby (Intermediate)
  • Java (Intermediate)
  • PostgreSQL / MySQL (Intermediate)
  • Adobe Creative Suite (PS, AI) (Intermediate)
  • Unix / Server Administration (Intermediate)
  • C# (Intermediate)
  • Redis, CouchDB, Mongo (Intermediate)


ACC Activesmart

Technologies: PHP, Ruby, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Key Skills: Server administration, Backbone.JS, PHP refactoring, REST, coffeescript, PHPUnit testing

ActiveSmart is a web application has been researched and developed to better support people getting fit, being more active and doing better at their chosen sport. After creating a plan and going through a medical assessment online, users can choose to receive updates and reminders, and track their progress in the applications' calendar, with session detail and a new journal function.

The application is built using Backbone.js and a separate PHP RESTFul service. My work involved refactoring the existing application, introduction of testing frameworks and reducing the bug backlog as well as implementing new features over the two years of development.

ActiveSmart was nominated for a Best Award.

BNZ Digital (Various)

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Actionscript
Key Skills: Actionscript, XML, Security testing, Interactive touchscreen technologies

Will has worked on various internal and external digital projects for BNZ over the last three years. These applications include forms, reporting tools and interactive interfaces for touch screens.

This work involves design, architecture, software design, development, documentation, security testing, deployment and ongoing maintenance of the suite of applications.

Telecom (Various)

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Actionscript
Key Skills: Actionscript, XML, Interactive digital displays

Will has worked on various digital projects for Telecom in both their retail and wholesale arms. For retail it's the interactive flash displays that run across their network of stores. In wholesale it's been relaunching


Technologies: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Key Skills: CSS3 Animation, Coffeescript

Powershop is the world’s first online shop for electricity. Unlike traditional retailers, their software enables their customers to shop for power, get discounts and save money. They see how much they’re using and what it costs before they buy. It’s simple yet radical.

Will won a Best Award for his work with Powershop and was nominated for a International Webby for the project.

Electricity Authority

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Solr
Key Skills: SilverStripe CMS, Solr, Text processing, Document Management

The Electricity Authority is the independent Crown entity responsible for the efficient operation of the New Zealand electricity market.

Will lead the development side of the upgrade, stakeholder engagement, research and relaunch of the website in 2014. The strategy work included technical documentation around migration of an existing IA and processing of over 30,000 documents and 6,000 webpages.

Metlink Wellington

Technologies: PHP, MSSQL, JavaScript, Google Maps (KML), Web Services
Key Skills: Web service integration, Performance testing, Mobile Development

Metlink provides public transportation information to over 400,000 users monthly, 80,000 of those on the mobile site [2].

Will worked on the rebuild, refactoring and ongoing maintenance of Metlink including the overhaul of the mobile site. He lead the introduction of real time data (RTI) into both the mobile and desktop sites.

Other work included implementing performance improvements, usability testing and increased Google Analytics insights into user behaviour.

Faculty of Graduate Research

Technologies: PHP, CSS3/HTML5
Key Skills: Business Analysis, Agile Methodologies

Victoria University wished to streamline the process for gathering progress reports on post graduate students. The current system involves a paper based form with up to 10 pages and requiring 5 signatures from throughout the university.

Will lead the team to gather requirements, build prototypes, design and implement the web application before rolling out the new solution to over 2000 students, 1300 supervisors and 20 schools.

The implemented software integrates with Victoria's current software and provides their staff with real time status updates of all the students reports saving time and paper.



Trustpower is a power, gas and telecommunications provider in New Zealand.

Front end web development, CSS3 animation and prototyping for backend team. (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Responsive).

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NZ Childcare Association offers courses for early childcare teachers.

CMS Website build, student multi page application form and private member functionality.

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Skinny Mobile

Skinny Mobile

Large scale responsive project SilverStripe CMS build with several advanced custom features including ecommerce, stock management and user dashboards.

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College Herald

College Herald

The College Herald features work submitted from students all over New Zealand.

Front end web development (HTML/CSS) and integration with PHP backend (SilverStripe).

Completed project while at SilverStripe.

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The Women's Conference

The Women's Conference ®

Front and backend development of the online side of the popular conference run by Maria Shriver.

The site included video streaming, forums, several blogs and served over half a million page views during the conference.

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Democratic National Convention

US Democratic National Convention site, was the web-based focal point for the entire Democratic Party during their Convention in Denver, Colorado.

My work included front end implementation and testing.

[2] Google Analytics (Nov 2011)

Publications, Awards & Mentions

Best Awards

Silver / Large Scale Website

Best Awards, New Zealand 2013

My work for walked away with a Silver at the 2013 Best Awards.

The Best Design Awards is the annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product and interactive design. Will was also a contributor to another finalist for Wellington City Council.

Best Award Entry

php|arch logo

Converting Static into Content Manageable

PHP Architect, November 2011

An article for the Introduction to SilverStripe series on PHP|Architect.

The article covers some of the features of the Sapphire template engine and the framework in general.

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Smashing Magazine logo

Top 50 Free HTML/CSS templates.

Smashing Magazine, May 2008

Two open source HTML templates designed by Will were included in Smashing Magazines review of the top open source HTML/CSS templates.

At last count, his open source themes have been downloaded over 500,000 times since 2006.


Powershop gets a Webby Honoree

April 2014 has been selected as one of the five best in the world in its category – and is competing for the Internet industry's two most coveted awards: The Webby Award and The Webby People's Voice Award.

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Shopify Application Development

Packt Publishing, July 2014

Book technical reviewer. Book covers building Shopify Application using Git, Ruby on Rails and includes sections on test driven development.